A sample of photos and poems from

Reflections of Blue Cypress: Photographs, History, and Poems of the Headwater Lake of the St. Johns River

Published on Dec 8, 2003.

Listed Dec 28, 2003 "Best Seller" at the Vero Beach Book Center


About the Book



Blue cypress has magic
The lake is large,
it does not take long to be by ourselves in the beauty surrounding.
It can restore my sense of balance,
feeling of peace

Look carefully,
Or you'll miss easily
The dragon fly darting,
the marsh mallow blooming.
the red of the Florida Holly peaking through,
the butterflies moving flower to flower.

Blue Cypress lake stretches wide and far,
such an expanse of sky.
No human construction visible aside from the base fish camp
which in a matter of minutes is out of sight.
Quickly immersed in this wilderness,
sometimes with drama as the waves suddenly rise,
the clouds darken and wind becomes fierce
more likely quietness,
disturbed only by the bird's calls,
flitting of dragon flies,
the jumping of a fish,
the plop disappearance of the turtle slipping off it's log,
or the alligator being startled as it dozes in the sun.
How good it is to put aside the burdens of home and work.
Marvel at the cycle of life
Nest building, courting, chasing,
stealing fish, dropping fish, diving for fish,
exclaiming over their territory.
Protecting young, raising fledglings,
scaring others away,
screeching in protest.
nests falling apart from disuse and storms,
cypress turning fall colors,
the sun rising and setting.
The Osprey will go on for centuries,
Long after we live our lives.
"We came upon a covy of yellow crowned night herons."


"There is autumn, changing seasons in Florida!"
Fleeting moments
Sunlight ever changing
bird on a wing,
wind blowing water
in patterns never the same
found sculptures decaying
new growth sprouting
catch the beauty now!
"There are secret places found here..."

Around the world,
and here in Florida
Beauty like this has been destroyed,
replaced, obliterated
with cottages, sky scrapers, cement,
manicured lawns, repetitive golf courses.
Paradise paved over.
How unique this is to have escaped!
The swamp around has served it well.
The legislatures of the state of Florida
has seen this vision and provided
matching funds to communities
to preserve natural lands like this.
Thank you Indian River County citizens,
county commissioners, land acquisition committee,
St. Johns Water Managment
for your time, monies, and commitment.
In ten years there will be no land left to preserve.
America has always been so amazing
we thought we would never run out of open spaces.
And to think this all could have been developed.
Hopefully from our sharing our pictures and thoughts,
you can glimpse
reason for our passion.

Found sculpture-
capture the moment,
as they are never the same.
The scene changes with
the sun behind the cloud,
the time of day light,
water height and wave action,
plants growing around them change the artistic effect
still a beauty,
but a different work of art
dramatic and artistic.
How else to preserve than through a photograph?